#RATETHERUNWAY: The Chanel Supermarket

Karl Lagerfeld brings us through his perfect shopping experience. The Chanel Supermarket is unique, fabulous and certainly not disappointing. Chanel to me is the epitome of a classic fashion brand that has always been popularized for it’s classic and iconic pieces. However, over the past few years the shows have become a showpiece watched as an international event. The looks though they are a little over the top, they can actually be broken down and worn as separates in real life, but they had the Chanel quality and details. 
I gave this show a rating of 10/10 because not only did it cause a media frenzy, it was also genuinely aesthetically pleasing. By bringing updated and modern silhouettes to couture pieces, Karl proves why Chanel is and will remain at the height of it’s success today and in the future.

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