The 86th Oscars: The Worst Dressed

I am so confused…. actors and actresses have only one day in which they have to dress impeccably, but somehow they manage to fail. I mean with a huge budget, and with the top designers and jewelers sending them with their best designs, one would figure that they would be dressed for the nines. Don’t get me wrong, Charlize Theron, Lupita Nyong’o, Kelly Osborne, Anna Kendrick, Joseph Gordon Levitt and Jared Leto were definitely the best dressed of the night, but every other outlet has already posted it and I noticed that no one was mean and honest enough to post a worst dressed list. Luckily for these people, I will take the pleasure of telling them why they need to fire their old style crew.
Left: Catherine Martin. I don’t know who designed her dress exactly but she is the costume designer for The Gatsby, which really confuses me. Mainly because everyone in Gatsby looked amazing.
Right: Liza Minnelli. All I can say about this look is w t f.
Left: Kelly Ripa in Roland Mouret. I know that most people so far have liked this dress and even gave it the best dressed of the night, But I feel like she needs to eat more in order for this to work. I do however like the dress and I have a feature of the designer coming up. She is just too damn skinny, and it’s kind of a turn off to see nothing but her rib cage in the top. Here’s another dress from Roland Mouret that would have suited her body a lot better.

Right: Veerle Baetens. The dress doesn’t look good in any case at all. The pleating started at a very weird section, making her look frumpy, larger and really odd. Also, for some reason the pleating on the dress feel a little too casual for an event such as The Oscars, instead she could have worn this pleated number by <Lanvin>

Lastly we have……Bill Murray
This has to be the cheesiest looking tux that I have ever seen in my life. It is ill-fitted, wrinkled and looks so out-dated. His hair is messy. but I do however, like the tie! To make this look work, he should stick to a simple two button jacket tuxedo, have himself groomed and make his bow-tie match something else in his outfit, perhaps with a emerald leather Cartier watch

Let me know what your thoughts were in the comment section below. I hope you all enjoyed the show, I am off to bed. Thanks for reading!
Also vote for best and worst dressed!
-The Prep Guy

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