The Art of Layering

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T H E  P R E P  G U Y

Winter Season is coming and it’s important to not only look good, but to feel comfortable and warm. I refer to layering as an art because it takes a lot more than to just put on a coat, to make an outfit work – and make it completely functional for yourself. To begin the process of layering you have to start with the basics; a t-shirt and any trousers or denim. The important parts come after, the sweaters, blazers, scarves, coats, socks, gloves, appropriate footwear and other winter accessories.

The idea of a sweater is to keep you feeling warm and to provide extra style, without keeping you restricted in function from your busy schedules, whether it is work, a holiday function, sports and anything else that you do. The types of sweaters that I find the best to add to layering are V-necks, crew-necks, mock-necks, and cardigans 

V-neck sweaters are my wardrobe staple, just because they are warm – thin and comfortable, and the neck style works best in terms of dressing it up or down. Also the shape is universal in terms of wearing it by itself, or with a t-shirt or dress shirt underneath.
They also come in all sorts of materials, such as cashmere, cotton, cotton-silk blends, merino wool etc.
If you are looking for a really good quality, sturdy and best for it’s value cashmere sweater check out brands like J.Crew or Black Brown 1826. They only go up to $200 for v-neck styles and they both offer different styles such as cardigans and sometimes turtle-necks.
Left to Right: J.Crew Cashmere V-Neck $200, J.Crew Blackwatch Shirt: $69, APC Slim Denim: $165, FCUK Coat: $268, DENTS Leather -Rabbit lined gloves: $140, Cole Haan Martin Wedge Chukka $278 USD, ACNE Lambswool Scarf $135

The reason that I personally am I huge fan of cardigans is because of the fact that you can wear them any way you want. Formal (it can even replace a blazer), casual, sporty…
I love these colour options from Club Monaco $98.50
The Mock-Neck Sweater
This season has had a pretty large rise of the mock-neck collar sweater. I say go for it! In-fact, I think I probably will try the style. The mock collar looks best underneath a blazer, as a replacement of a shirt – unless you have the body to wear it on its own.
The Essential Woolen Coats
Clockwise: Peacoat: Ovadia & Sons $1150, Toggle Coat: Burberry London $1505, Trench: Topman $150, & Topcoat: FCUK $267

There are four essential styles of woolen Coats, the topcoat, the pea-coat, the trench & the toggle. These styles have lasted for decades and have been created in different artistic variations. The prices vary based on the quality of fabrics and the finishings and of-course the brand. In terms of layering, they all work with anything! 

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