The Collection Arrived – ISABEL MARANT POUR H&M

The event, like all H&M collabs, has been highly anticipated. I was one of the lucky ones to get in before the store opening, however the 15 minute shopping limit was a turnoff. The collection was actually much larger than I expected, and the ladies wear was really well done. If you read my post about Hayden vs Isabel, I talked about Hayden being more masculine, and I was right. I was not really digging the mens section of the collection, however, the women’s shined! Check out the details below and the TPG SCORE.
These are some of the shoppers that I got a chance to talk to about the collection.
Laura (also a Blogger) was actually just heading to the event. Aaron and his partner were doing some early bird shopping. They really liked the collection. The last lady, was by far the best dressed of the event. She agreed to loving the women’s tailoring and the fact that there was more to offer this time around.

What I liked:
The collection had a more relaxed trend for men (more dressy for women), Parisian inspired fit.
The prices this time around were more so accessible than MMM X H&M but the quality was up to par.
The collection was bigger than previous collaborations and had more to offer. Before I start the harsher part of the critiquing, all I can say was the women’s section was really great. Especially the sequined pants and fluffy jacket + the dresses.
What I disliked:
However, the collection was lacking a key thing – real originality. The clothing was priced more so for the label rather than the design aspect. There were almost too many basics that you could find anywhere else, such as the sweatshirts, t-shirts, the coats for men, and the lack of footwear & accessories.
What I did like was the fact that there was a line for younger teens and children, in-fact the line for the kids were better then the line for men.
What they could have done differently was incorporate more sport-coats, pants with more than one pattern (or the leather) and better quality footwear. In my opinion, this was almost a hipstereque style, and in comparison to previous collaborations – this one was a disappointment.
TPG Score: 6/10 (Women’s 9/10, Men’s 3/10)

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