Top 10 Things You Will Love About The Philips OneBlade

Hey Prepsters,

Earlier this year, our trusted friends at Philips released the OneBlade, and earlier this month, I did an in depth review of it’s different features. In case you missed out on the previous post, or needed a friendly little reminder of the highlights of the OneBlade, I created my top 10 features list.

One: It’s an all-in-one product

With the Philips OneBlade, you get a trimmer, shaver and edger – all in one gadget!

Two: You get three trimming combs

You’re not limited to one trimming size! With the OneBlade starter kit, you get a 1,3 and 5 mm trimming comb.

Three: The OneBlade is waterproof

You can use the OneBlade wet or dry, which can be super convenient in the shower.

Four: The battery power is impressive

With the Philips OneBlade, you get 45 minutes of running power with an 8 hour battery charge.

Five: It works with the contours of your face

The OneBlade glides on your face, and provides a even cut throughout.

Ps: this is my post Philips OneBlade trim!

Six: It’s compact and great for travel

It’s a super compact machine and is great for throwing in your travel kits when you’re on the go.

Seven: The OneBlade is affordable

The OneBlade retails from only $44.99 CAD!

Eight: It’s razor blade’s last up-to 4 months

Unlike traditional razor blades, the Philips OneBlade lasts up-to 4 months, before requiring a replacement.

Nine: It’s efficient and time-saving

Since with the OneBlade, you get to shave, trim and edge with one device, you really save a lot of time!

Ten: The OneBlade is extremely precise

I found the OneBlade to be extremely precise, especially while edging and shaping your beard.

The Philips OneBlade is available across Canada at, Loblaws, Best Buy CanadaCanadian Tire, Jean Coutu, London Drugs, Centre Du Rasoir and more; and retails from $44.99.

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