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Hey Prepsters,

We’re getting closer and closer to the one of my personal favourite days of the year, Boxing Day! If you’re an avid shopper, much like myself, than you definitely know how amazing the savings can be, but it can also be a little bit overwhelming! As a kid – all the way to even now, My family and I would wake up super early in the morning to spend a fun day of shopping together, and given that we have had this tradition for over a decade, we’ve learned a few tricks of the trade. So here are my top 5 boxing day shopping tips! Plus – I shared my finds from Toronto Premium Outlet mall’s pre-boxing day sales! You may find some of these hot designer items that I found and more, all for a fraction of the original retail price!

1. Make a budget & use the ABC ranking system for items you want to purchase

Making a budget is great for providing a little bit of structure, and will allow you to leave the mall with everything you wanted, and zero regret. I personally use the ABC ranking system of the items I want. A being of the highest priority, and C being the lowest. But do add an allowance amount, of around an extra 10% for any spontaneous purchases and amazing finds!

2. Wake up early!

Most stores and malls, such as Toronto Premium Outlets – open up at 6 am, and boy when I say it gets busy really quickly, I sure do mean it. More importantly, the earlier you arrive, the faster and the higher you’re chances are of getting everything that you wanted.

3. Dress Appropriately & Wear Comfortable Shoes

I highly recommend wearing super comfortable clothing and light layers, with a super warm jacket on top, and winter accessories. If you go too heavy on the layers, you may burn up, however, it is Canada, so wear what works for the weather. Additionally, bring out your best pair of sneakers – because with the deals I found at Toronto Premium Outlets, you’re going to want to run fast and grab what you can!

4. Start with High Ticket Items

Based off your list of items to purchase, consider going to the highest priced retailers first! Often, you are able to find the best deals on these items, and this is where you can get some major designer items for a real steal! When I went to Toronto Premium Outlet to experience their pre-boxing day sale, there were massive discounts! Plus they had insane deals at Saks off fifth, Burberry, Cole Haan and more – so if you want to get your sizes on the lux goods, start at these stores first.

5. Have fun!

If you arrive early, you’re going to seriously have the best time shopping ever! I remember going to Toronto Premium Outlet mall last year at 5:50 am, and luckily I didn’t have a worry about parking and found everything I wanted. But even if you don’t find exactly what you were looking for, you’re sure to find something else that will catch your eye. If you use my ABC ranking tip, you will already have a backup item planned! Finally – use it as a fun bonding experience! Whether your with family, a friend or your partner – shopping should never be taken too seriously!

My Finds at Toronto Premium Outlet Mall

On Monday, I went on a fun little adventure to Toronto Premium Outlet mall, up in Halton Hills (Steeles  Ave and Trafalgar Rd), and did a little pre-boxing day shopping. When I say I got some good deals, I mean it!

I found key pieces in the look that I am wearing from Toronto Premium Outlets on major discounts. Starting with my turtleneck sweater from Guess! I literally paid under $30 for it, which is amazing! At Ralph Lauren, I found the teddy scarf, I’ve been obsessing over for a really great price, as well as this stunning herringbone blazer! My final stop was at Cole Haan, where I picked up a beautiful portfolio pouch, which I had been eyeing! This guy was literally 60% off the original price!

All together, this look would have cost well over $1200, but I got it for under $400.

For further information on the Toronto Premium Outlet Mall & it’s store directory, please visit:


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Paul March 13, 2018 at 9:11 pm

Love the opportunity to go to the home show and check out the Best Buy Canada set up! We just purchased a new home this show would be perfect! @z_nix Twitter

The Prep Guy March 14, 2018 at 1:34 am

Thanks for participating! Congrats on your new home purchase! Keep your fingers crossed and stay tuned as the winners will be announced Thursday at 12 PM ET!


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