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I am super stoked to introduce you all to my new favourite trimmer, the Philips OneBlade! Before investing in my previous Philips trimmer, which was the Philips multipurpose, I was the guy who would go to the barber and pay $15 for a shave. I know… it’s pretty ridiculous! But ever since I picked up my first trimmer, I fell in love. So when Philips introduced the OneBlade, I was excited to try it out.

Much like all of my product reviews, I like to try the product out for several weeks to months at a time to offer, not only an accurate, but also an honest opinion on a product.

The Philips OneBlade is a new release and pretty innovative. It is an all-in-one product, which is great, because you get way more bang for your buck! It is a trimmer, shaver, and edger.

What I love about the Philips OneBlade is that is easy to use, lightweight, great for travel, has a good battery life, is waterproof, and most importantly – it works incredibly well!

The OneBlade comes with three trimming combs; 1,3, and 5 mm, which are easily attachable/detachable (clip on), to provide for a clean and even shave. For the winter seasons, as you can see in my picture, I like to go for prominent facial hair. However, I like it be well kept, so I used the 5 mm trimming comb.

Another key feature is that the OneBlade swivels to work with the contours of your face. I have higher cheek bones, and they often have facial hair growing up there. I first used the OneBlade (without the trimming comb), and removed the facial hair in the area. Here’s the really cool part, I then used the edge of the blade to shape my beard to go around my cheeks. I also did the same with my neck.

It took me about 3 minutes to get this facial hair look, where as going to a barbershop would take 30-40 minutes and burn a hole in my wallet. All in all, I highly recommend the Philips OneBlade, whether you’re looking for a last minute holiday gift for a gent or if you’re a gent looking for the perfect all-in-one gadget.

The OneBlade starter kit comes with:

-The Blade – which lasts up to 4 months of usage, (replacements sold separately)

-The waterproof handle

-3 Trimming Combs

-A charger

The Philips OneBlade is available across Canada at Walmart,, Loblaws, Best Buy Canada, Canadian Tire, Jean Coutu, London Drugs, Centre Du Rasoir and more; and retails from $44.99.

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