TPG SELECTS: Rock A Thick Frame

Picture: Zegna,
Frame 1: Winston, 2: Carmichael, 3: Fillmore (All from Warby Parker )
What I love about the never ending trend is that it works with most facial frames, and can make a statement to even the most boring outfits. Thick optical frames are still a little trickier to rock than thicker sun-glass frames but it depends all on the shape of your face. You would want a frame that compliments and contrasts the shape of your face, for example, a square frame for a round face…etc. The thicker frame has always been huge on the runway scene, but can come at a pretty hefty price from brands such as Persol, Armani, Prada, Zegna and of-course Tom Ford. But Warby Parker is a brand that is well known for it’s prices, quality and high end styles. The price running for almost all of their optical is $120 with the prescription lens included.
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Let me know which one is your favourite style from my top 3.
-The Prep Guy

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