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Hey Prepsters,

My fave footwear retailer, DSW Designer Shoe Warehouse Canada is having a giant clearance sale, and I want to share my tricks to getting the best deals for less. I have a pretty generous shoe count, which is around the 145 pair mark by now – and to be honest, I will say that only about 10% of them were purchased at the regular retail price. That’s why I love DSW Canada, because you can find all of your favourite designers for less.


PRO TIP 1. Budget Yourself

For my trip to DSW Canada, I started off by budgeting myself to $100.00 – which is how every pro starts off their shopping trip. With that being said, your budgets should obviously reflect your needs but don’t be afraid to take advantage of big deals to satisfy your wants as well.

PRO TIP 2. Evaluate your needs & wants

We now have a budget, so what’s next? Going over your shoe collection to evaluate your needs. Although I do have a lot of shoes, I know that I lack in the casual footwear department, so I decided to search for a versatile pair of sneakers.

PRO TIP 3. Explore + Bring a friend

The next step is heading over to DSW Canada – don’t forget to bring your family or your partner in crime. I brought along my sister because she needed to find a pair of shoes for a friends wedding + she is also a fellow shoe lover.


PRO TIP 4. Follow the clearance sale chart

DSW Canada has a chart in the clearance section which shows how much of an additional discount you will be getting off the lowest marked sale price. Conveniently, if you are shopping the clearance section online at than the final price is marked.

PRO TIP 5. Grab a shopping bag 

DSW Canada has giant shopping bags available to help you carry your new designer finds and with prices up-to 70%, you’re definitely going to need one (or two) of these.

PRO TIP 6. There’s no need to pinch yourself, because you’re not dreaming

I managed to find myself a pair of beautiful Fred Perry sneakers which compared to the original price of $155, I found for only $45 #winning. So I decided to find some more designer kicks and accessories. I found a pair of clearance Bass Weejuns for $50 compared to $150, and a three pack sock set from DSW Canada home brand, Aston Gray with the leftover amount.

PRO TIP 7. Sharing is caring!

Don’t be shy of your newly found treasure. Share it on social media using #DSWCanada, tag myself @ThePrepGuy, and let your friends know how amazing DSW Canada is.

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