1. What is your brand and when did it launch?
JUST TA DESIGNS was born in 2013 after Alan Ta, the designer, graduated from LaSalle College.
2. How would you describe your brand/label?
The brand’s mission is to assert and expose the beauty of its clientele on every occasion.
Both men’s and women’s collections are uniquely distinguished by their comfort and elegance,
3. What inspires you the most in your designs?
Beauty, regardless of its fort or shape.
 Constantine Digovets
4. When did you first realize your passion in the design field?
After graduating in pharmaceutical studies, Alan Ta chose to realign himself with his true passion as a fashion designer.
“When you force yourself to do things because of other people, you never excel because you don’t put yourself at 100% in what you’re doing. Under my family’s pressure, I attended pharmaceutical school, which was not my absolute desire. It just made me realize how much I needed to create, to share and express myself through my art”
5. How would you describe your experiences in designing for men ( and women if it applies)
Alan Ta first started with womenswear. Obsessed by beauty he made it his philosophy when creating clothes – “I’m captivated by indeterminate beauty, regardless of its form and shape. You can find beauty everywhere in the world. All you need is a keen eye to witness it”. 
“You’re free to create with no limits or boundary when comes to womenswear, it all depends of how it is worn. I find it so easy to create dresses/accessories for women. Menswear is more tricky. You need to follow a direct line. But I guess the fun part of doing menswear is details. It’s all about it. More work, but it’s definitely worth it”
6. Is there a signature look or style that forms your collection?
You can find gold chains and fur in the womenswear collection, which is why Alan Ta in known for in Montreal.
7. What advice would you give to up and coming menswear designers?
All designers need good PR skills. Not being afraid to dare. Go talk to people and make a contact. Share your work with them and propose them stuff. Services exchanges. You get them to work with you in collaboration. Make people remember you. Make people like you. and COMMUNICATE!
8. What can we expect to see from you TOM* collection? (Fabrics, techniques, the story, etc)
The new FW15 collection if really influenced by Renaissance. Tight pants, loose tops. Really comfortable, wearable in any chic/casual environment. Grey, gold, red. Those colours dominate.
9. Where is your brand available? (online, retailers, etc)
A new website is on its way. Until then, you can buy via the designer itself.

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