TPG Dislikes: Black Friday Madness

Check out this insane video of people fighting over the $99 deal at Walmart for Black Friday. I have worked in retail for years and the madness has been intensifying, and the video above is over a TV that is the size of a standard computer monitor. A lot of consumers blame it on companies such as Walmart for creating these crazy crowd attacks, however, it is the consumer’s fault. CTV News reported a total death toll on 7 Black Friday shoppers and 90 injuries in crowds due to stampedes (Not all related to the Walmart deals). I believe that I great deal is a great deal, but there is a limit on what is just plain madness and what is a norm. People need to learn to relax, save-up for better quality product and if the crowd seems unsafe – exit to the left. Your life is definitely more valuable than a $99 tv.

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