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With Labour Day coming this weekend, fall is going to be here before you know it. You’ve probably already smelled the chill in the air, seen the odd leaf prematurely change its colour and and have caught more than a few eyes glazing over at the mention of pumpkin spice lattes. The season is nearly upon us and that means the best time of the year for fashion. These are a few of my favourite trends you should jump on if you don’t want to be left out in the cold.

Venus (and Mars) in Fur

Remember that Seinfeld episode with Puddy’s fur coat? Well, the oversized fur coat that Elaine once so desperately tried to rid herself of is back in style and the bigger and longer, the better. Men are taking back the fur coat (or synthetic fur, which I totally support) and don’t be surprised to see your dude looking particularly fuzzy this fall. Plus, that synthetic sable coat you just snagged brings me to our next trend.

You’ve Got Green, You’ve Got Grey

No pun intended but grey in all its shades is set to be the colour of choice for your next suit or sweater. From shale to slate, it matches with pretty much anything and is more versatile than wearing straight black all the time. One guide to 2015 fashion trends noted that both grey and green are going to be big hits this fall and a classic grey suit will go a long way to filling out your wardrobe. I like to think that grey and green give you a lot more options to work with for your autumn outfits. They also match exceptionally well with the other big colour for the season.

A Year in Burgundy

Rich reds and burgundies are going to be in vogue for the fall and it’s already being labeled “the colour of the season.” I suggest kicking it in some oxblood pants and one of those aforementioned clean grey blazers for a classy and casual way to add a splash of colour to an otherwise grey fall day.

What’s Old is New Again

One big thing for this season for both boys and girls is retro-chic. Vintage ’70s fashion is back with flared denim and suede both coming back in big ways. The same applies to colours with the previously noted trend of toning down the intensity for downplayed, dapper looks. I’ve found this site’s posts on jackets, shoes and other fall necessities helpful in finding a little extra inspiration for my outfits. I’ve personally taken my own preference for the cropped pant cuff (another hot trend) and combined it with a pair of dope high-top sneakers and a slick bomber jacket for the perfect mix of prep and punk.

Hip to Be Square

Patterns in particular are going to be popular this fall but prints and patches with geometric designs, especially squares, are set to be hot items this autumn. Plaids are also making a comeback, but if you’re a die-hard prepster like me, you know they never left. It’s not like people ever stopped wearing flannel in Canada, but at least this time the trend is decidedly less grunge and a little more fashion forward.

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