Oakley is a brand that is known for it’s excellent sporting gear and eyewear, so when I was given the opportunity to collaborate with a brand I loved so much, I jumped at the offer. I had been eyeing the Oakley Sliver Sunglasses for a few months ever since my best friend Banan had shared them with me. I love how the pair is sleek and sporty at the same time and can be worn as a fashion and athletic piece.

The Sliver Style was inspired by Skateboarder Eric Koston’s story of living his One Obsession. For Eric Koston, it begins in the mind’s eye. A fresh twist on an old trick; a new variation at a different spot – something he’d only ever seen in his imagination. What was born on the streets of L.A. and the grounds of Lockwood school fueled a movement far beyond a deck and four wheels.

My One Obsession – For the shoot, I went to my neighbourhood track and baseball diamond with the team; Creative Director Venket Ravindra and Photographer Ahmad Hussein. I personally have become a bigger fan of Baseball just recently ever since I had a lunch with the legendary player Jose Bautista and watched my first game. We also shot at the same track that I used to run/train on when I was in my high school track and field team. I remember being so passionate about being on the track and field team, regardless of not being the best at it.

Product Review: The Sliver style was super lightweight and comfortable.  I really enjoyed the PRIZM™ technology which controls the light transmission which enhances the visibility. Also the Sliver style I am wearing is polarized which reduced harsh glares, which is also perfect for when you are driving. I would personally highly recommend the Sliver for every guy, for either a sporty of daily use.

Shop It: The Oakley Sliver is available on www.Oakley.com






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